You’ve got plenty of high performers who ALSO have high potential for their next step up in responsibility.

Your toughest challenge?

Ensuring they make a smooth transition.

Because the smoother the transition, the faster you’ll realize the human and financial benefits of developing your leaders.

I’m all about smooth.

My sweet-spot is working with high performing and high potential current and up-and-coming executives.

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My Expertise


C-suite Executive Coaching designed for

  • New incumbents
  • Director-level development for C-role
  • Executives experiencing significant change

High Potential Leader Development

Senior Team Transformation

Succession Planning Readiness

Coach Supervision


360° Feedback

  • Lominger
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • Profiles International
  • The Leadership Circle
  • Hogan
  • StrengthFinder
  • Predictive Index

Communications + Interpersonal Style (Forté)

Talent Acquisition + Recruiting (Profiles International)

Sales + Customer Service (Profiles International)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) (Talent Smart)

Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi)

Culture Development (Leadership Circle)


Assimilation (new directors and above; new to the organization; new to the team)

C-suite Communication Skills

Leading Change

Influential Business Communication Skills

Strategic Problem Solving

Managing Up—Developing A Leadership Mindset

Leading with Multiple Generations

Women in Leadership